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Day tripTop destinations

Delicious Hakone grilled meat

● No need to worry about the transportation as we will provide a coach bus for a round trip journey from Shinjuku to...

JPY 9900


Mount Fuji 5h Station

● Must go sightseeing spot: Mount Fuji 5th Station ● 100 best waters: Oshino Hakkai ● Tenjoyama park ● All-you-can-ea...

#Day trip

JPY 9900


Uji in Kyoto

Go to the famous matcha green tea place, Uji, and taste the authentic matcha green tea and its desserts. Visit the wo...

JPY 7800


Winter SpecialSaku Ski Garden "PARADA" in Karuizawa

● Winter only 2020 / 01 / 12 - 2020 / 03 /10 (Every Tue, Thur, Sun) ● Depart from Tokyo to the nearest famous ski pla...

JPY 15800


Sakura Furusato Square and Tokyo German Village in Chiba

● No need to worry about the transportation as we will provide coach bus for a round trip journey ...

JPY 9900


Autumn Special Kawagoe & Nagatoro Boat trip with autumn leaves

● Little Edo Kawagoe: the sense of nostalgia ● Take Nagatoro sightseeing boat with ferryman to see red leaves ● Autum...

JPY 9900


Autumn Special Ibaraki Kochia balls (summer cypress)

● No need to worry about the capacity as the tour is held on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! ● Visit Hitachi Seas...

JPY 9900


Kamakura and Enoshima

Kamakura Buddha, Hachiman shrine is in the Kamakura area which is full of history. A lot of stores selling general g...

JPY 6900


Liitle Edo with hydrangea flowers

Depart from Tokyo every day to visit the famous hydrangea flowers spot with various colours in Saitama Prefecture. Wa...

JPY 9900


Mother Farm

Take a comfort bus to Mother Farm to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Different seasonal flowers blossom here, and you c...

JPY 6900


Picking peach in Okayama

● Depart from Osaka to its neighbour to have a one-day trip ● Go to Hyogo prefecture to enjoy the beautiful sunflower...

JPY 12500


Asahikawa Zoo & Sunflowers

A Hokkaido one-day trip limited in summer Visit the northernmost zoo in Japan and enjoy the panoramic view of sunflow...

JPY 9900


Furano's Melon

Take a comfort car from Sapporo to Furano Try the locally grown grape wine and overlook the scenery of Mt. Tokachi Vi...

JPY 9900


Himawari in Kobe

● Depart from Osaka to have a summer day trip ● Go to Hyogo prefecture to enjoy the beautiful sunflower field ● Exper...

JPY 9900


Picking peach & Visit Cat Station Master

● Take the Wakayama Electric Railway to visit cute cat station master ● Enjoy seafood in Kuroshio Market and have a c...

#Wakayama #Peach picking

JPY 10900


Illumination at Nabana no Sato

Nabana no Sato Flower Park is one of the largest flower gardens in Japan. Different seasonal flowers can be found her...

JPY 9900


Koka Ninja Village

● Depart from Osaka to Nara Park to interact with the deer ● Sarusawa Pond - Eight Views of Nara, the five-storied pa...

JPY 9900


Nara Mt. Yoshino - Cherry Blossom Viewing & Deer

● Travel in a comfortable air-conditioned bus, No need to bother planning transportation routes ● A guide who can spe...

JPY 9900


Winter Special

Hokkaido Greenland White Park ski resort The snowfield is centred on elementary and intermediate ski slopes which hav...

JPY 13800


Winter Special - Sapporo Kokusai Skiing Resort

● Easy to access to Sapporo Kokusai Skiing Resort ● Ski lesson in Mandarin or Cantonese ● Learn how to ski without ba...

JPY 15800


【 2020 櫻花季】京都賞櫻一日遊 | 大野水壩櫻花祭・天橋立・伊根舟屋・美山茅屋 | 大阪出發

【 2020 櫻花季】京都賞櫻一日遊 | 大野水壩櫻花祭・天橋立・伊根舟屋・美山茅屋 | 大阪出發


JPY 10900